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Update March 24 2013 :

As the primary undertaking of our Waiheke Island Community Planning Group  Inc (WICPG) comes to an end later in 2013 after almost 9 years, we take this opportunity to make a public record of our activities to date.

Our primary activities have focused upon statutory planning policy, and the review of the Hauraki Gulf Islands Proposed District Plan 2006 (HGIPDP), where our particular focus has been upon the greater recognition of the Hauraki Gulf Marine Park Act 2000 and the protection of the life-supporting capacity of the ecosystems of the Gulf; coastal landscape protection, the safeguarding of our distinct village character and heritage, the statutory incorporation of The Principles of Essentially Waiheke, the continued strategic planning separation of Eastern and Western Waiheke, and the protection of community amenity especially from intrusive helicopter nuisance.

Our other activities have included submissions (with others) to the Royal Commission on Auckland Governance (search archives under Keyword “RCoAG”) and associated legislation which culminated with the establisment of our own Waiheke Local Board, and upon lobbying for the creation and implementation of a separate governance focus for our Hauraki Gulf (Tikapa Moana) by way of a Hauraki Gulf Marine Spatial Plan (search archives under Keyword “HGMSP”), and which is now being undertaken jointly by the Auckland Council and the Waikato Regional Council per this Oct 2 2012 update report. This should be considered side by side with a Sept 24 2012 report regarding the economic valuation of the Gulf titled  “A Stocktake of Activities and Opportunities”.

In addition to the above WICPG has also been involved to a lesser extent with community social policy matters via its support of WICOSS, and also with its support for non statutory local area spatial planning initiatives for Ostend and for the Matiatia Valley.

Underlying our HGIPDP submissions and mediation processess has been the realisation that our Waiheke worldview priority for community and character and sustainability and independence and collaboration, was indeed significantly in conflict with the command and control development values of the prior Citizens and Ratepayers dominated Auckland City Council.  Accordingly we have welcomed the arrival of the Auckland Council in November 2010, with its expressed priority for the wellbeing of the Hauraki Gulf and for Waiheke’s place as an island community in our precious Hauraki Gulf marine national park.

However in addition to the establishment of statutory planning policy per the HGIPDP review, recent events have confirmed that more still needs to be done by the body politic to ensure that the people of Waiheke are better heard in the ongoing day to day administration and monitoring of such local statutory planning policy regarding resource consent notification matters per the RMA section 95A, especially regarding the planning administration of landscape and heritage and character protection assessments and the maintenance and enhancement of associated amenity values per the RMA section 7.

And lastly as a matter of record, we would like to note our appreciation for those who have anonymously supported us with their pro bono expert advices during our long campaign. Appreciation is also given to the Justice Department officers involved with this HGIPDP mediation process for their competence and fair-mindedness.

WICPG HGIPDP Review Timeline : 2004-2012

2004 :
aug 04 : WICPG established as a group to facilitate community input into HGIPDP

2005 :
feb : Karen Bell, Mgr Isthmus & Islands, report dated jan 25 to Auckland City Council’s (ACC) EHUF committee commencing the HGIPDP review
mar : HGIPDP political working party established and meets
apr : statutory consultation stage
apr : WICPG proposes 5 consultation workshops with ACC . Offer rejected
may :HGIPDP  Issues and Options Papers circulated
jun : WICPG collaborates with ACC in photo survey  + display + summary
aug : working party workshop consultation feedback
sept : staff develop draft of plan
sept : focus groups workshops commence

2006 :
jan : focus group findings reported : transport + sustainability + future + landscape
jan : Phoenix Telephone Survey results presented
jan : working party and staff workshops the draft plan
may : proposed plan endorsed by full council and sent to print

aug : plan notified for submission process

sept : Hudson Report on Landscape
nov : WICPG holds 6  workshops to facilitate community submissions
nov : WICPG ladies group establishes
nov : WICPG prepares submissions templates for community for dec 11 cut-off
dec : WICPG incorporates dec 4 2006

2007 :
jan : HGIPDP submissions cut-off date extended to jan 8, 3855 submissions lodged
feb : plan notified for further submissions
mar : WICPG holds 2 further workshops and templates re further submissions
may : about 1000 further submissions lodged
jul : WICPG requests ACC’s EHUF committee to appoint an independent commissioner to HGIPDP panel. Chm Caughey supports but Duthie and Storer oppose. Lost
jul : WICPG and Storer debate legalities in Waiheke Gulf News + here + here
aug : HGIPDP submission hearings commenced
aug : HGIPDP panel comprises Caughey, Abel, Storer, Ericson, Mulholland, & Raffills
oct : Local Body elections. Caughey, Abel and Storer lose seats as Councillors
dec : Ray Ericson remains Chmn of WCB

2008 :
mar : HGIPDP submission hearings recommence
mar : HGIPDP hearings panel comprises Ericson, Mulholland and Raffills
oct : HGIPDP submission hearings completed

2009 :
mar : 95% of local submissions rejected : Decision text & reports establised
apr : ACC committee decisions on all submissions + 60 days to lodge appeals
jul : decision text appeals begin & decision reports updated with appeal annotations
sept : RMA changes Resource Consent public notification criteria per s95
sept : Auckland Local Body Amalgamation heralded via LCACA 2009

2010 :
feb : appeal topics commence being establised
feb : ACC applies to have WICPG’s appeal struck out
may : Environment Court (EC) allows WICPG appeal to proceed
oct :  ACC officers to recommend an HGIDP explanatory brochure
nov : Auckland Council (AC) & Local Boards established Nov 1 by LGACAA 2010
nov : AC assumes ACC’s HGIPDP responsibilities as ACC ceases to exist
dec : WICPG refined appeal ENV 2009 AKL 000348 lodged

2011 :
mar : Helicopter monitoring submission to WLB
apr : Helicopter monitoring proposal from NextSpace

2012 :
feb :  WICPG Appeal 348 – Parts  1,  2 & 3 Consent Order issued by EC
mar : WICPG Appeal 348 – Part 8, 10a, 12 Consent Order issued by EC
ju l :  WICPG Appeal 348 – Part 10a, Consent Order issued by EC
aug : Auckland Council LTP confirms HGIDP will be excluded from AC Unitary Plan
aug : Auckland Council LTP approves funding for a Hauraki Gulf Marine Spatial Plan

Other Consent Order Topics with WICPG as a s274 party have been issued for the Topics of Ridgelines, Strand Holdings Ltd, Orapiu East Lodge, Air Park, Rangihoua riding bridle paths, Thumb Point wineries, Helicopters & Air TransportOstend commercial character & height limits, Heritage – General, and Vegetation Clearance assessment matters for horticulture and pastoral farming.

2012 :
As per the Sept 4 2012 Status of Appeals Memorandum and Status of Appeals Appendix List, ongoing Consent Order Topics with WICPG as a s274 which are still in draft / mediation / hearing include Thumb Point Subdivision matters.

Note also that the EC is coordinating its consideration of such subdivisional matters with the Auckland Regional Policy Statement (ARPS) Plan Change 8 regarding the protection of Outstanding Natural Landscapes (ONL’s).

Other HGIPP Environment Court Decisions which are relevant but which WICPG was not a party to include Landform Boundary changes on Eastern Waiheke as part of Appeal 336 by Thumb Point Station Ltd, and Answer Services Appeal 330 regarding Thompsons Point Subdivision Topic 463 and which interfaces with ARPS Pan Change 8, and which is in judicial process and may still go to hearing. Refer to the above Sept 4 2012 Staus of Appeals Memorandum.

2013 :
See December 4 2012 Progress of Appeals Memorandum here. The next scheduled report date is March 29 2013. As of March 24 2013, matters outstanding include the Thumb Point subdivisional matters  which are due to go to hearing in May. Additionally, and due to widespread community concerns, WICPG has applied to the Environment Court for an application for a waiver to become a section 274 party to the appeal of NZ Federated Farmers v Auckland Council regarding GMO matters. This application was made on January 25 and as of March 28 remains with the presiding Judge for a decision. Refer to GMO page. The ongoing monitoring of resource consent applications remains a concern.

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